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Unleash the Power of Smart EV Charging

Driving the evolution towards a clean future

The electrification of transport is a revolution that has transformed mobility. You have reached the right destination at Powertech. We are at the forefront of electric vehicle charging infrastructure offering a broad spectrum of EV charging solutions from ABB that include passenger vehicles, fleet solutions, heavy duty electric vehicles (e-buses and trucks) along with the software technology for remote monitoring and optimization of your EVSE Assets.

Fast, flexible, and reliable power for every EV

Charging for Heavy Duty EVs

Charging for Public Transport

Destination & Home Charging

Software Management

Experience the difference working with a proven leader

Partnering with the best to deliver exceptional results

4 Easy Steps to Charge Up Your EV Experience


Expert Consultation

Our EV experts work with you to understand your driving habits, charging needs, and budget. We help you explore different charging solutions to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Tailored Proposal

We translate your needs into a clear and comprehensive proposal outlining the recommended equipment, installation process, estimated timeline, and transparent pricing.

Site Inspection

Our certified technicians visit your home or business to assess the site, identify potential challenges, and ensure a smooth and efficient installation.

Expert Installation & Support

Our experienced team expertly installs your chosen charging solution, followed by thorough testing and training to ensure you can confidently and conveniently charge your EV.

Schedule your free consultation today and start your EV journey!