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Exicom develops industry-leading EV charging solutions for homes, workplaces, and public spaces and actively contributing to the world of tomorrow by designing an emission free future for mobility a future where every person has freedom and confidence to go electric.

Exicom specializes in IEC Certified AC and DC EV chargers, designed to operate reliably in harshest environmental and electrical conditions spanning from -35°C to 75°C . Our range encompasses AC units up to 22kW and DC Fast Chargers up to 400kW, adeptly meeting both private and public charging needs.

Exicom always taking EV Charging experience to the next level for all types of drivers and cars by making it simpler, more reliable and more efficient.


Plug and play home chargers

Spin home chargers offer you complete convenience and control over your EV charging. Install a charger at home or carry one in the car with you – whatever you choose, you’re in charge.

Spin Control app

Tap to start, tap to stop. Simple. Full monitoring and control of your charger from anywhere.


Comprehensive extended warranty and service plans provide complete peace of mind.


Plug in right as you get home. Start charging immediately, or schedule for later.

Spin Air upto 22kW AC

Compact, stylish charger for the modern home

All the features you need to charge your EV at home, with nothing you don’t need.

  • Upto 22kW AC
  • IEC 61851 Certified
  • Our most compact charger
  • WiFi and 4G for remote control and monitoring
  • Tidy built-in cable and gun stowage
  • Advanced charge scheduling
  • IP66 rating water resistant
  • Type 2 plug
  • Integrated 6mA DC + 30 mA AC ground fault protection RCD
  • Dynamic load management and sharing
  • Fully operable up to 55°C

Spin Pro upto 22kW

An unmatched home charging experience

Maximum functionality meets aesthetic design, with no compromise to ease of use.

  • Upto 22kW
  • IEC61851 Certified
  • WiFi and 4G for remote control and monitoring
  • Dynamic load management and sharing
  • Intuitive charge status display
  • Advanced charge scheduling
  • Fully operable up to 55°C
  • Tidy built-in cable and gun stowage
  • Type 2 plug
  • Integrated 6mA DC + 30 mA AC ground fault protection RCD

Spin Free Upto 3.3kW

Full freedom to recharge anytime, anywhere

Charge up at any electrical outlet at your convenience, at home or on the road.

  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Compatible with various regional inlet plugs
  • International standards for safety and reliability
  • IP67 rating waterproof
  • Configurable current limit (6A/8A/10A/Max)
  • CE certified
  • Type 2 plug
  • Easily limit charging current
  • Status LEDs

Spin Control App

One app, full control



Monitor your charging and manage a host of Spin charger functions from anywhere. Enjoy all the information and control you need in one place.


Set detailed charging schedules to take advantage of lower-rate electricity and always be fully charged when you’re ready to go.


Give friends & family access to your charger while keeping it locked to others. Or, generate revenue from your charger by opening it to the public (subject to regional restrictions).

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Review your warranty & service package at any time, and extend or upgrade the package directly through the app.

Full-range solutions for your charging network

Serving all types of vehicles and charging needs, our Harmony fast DC chargers guarantee smooth backend compatibility, an intuitive user experience, and simple integration with your existing business operations.


Remote software updates and 1,000 VDC charging satisfy modern charging needs


DC output ratings available from 30 – 240 kW and beyond for effortless expandability


Compatible with multiple output connectors: CHAdeMO, CCS, and Type-2 AC (GBT optional)

Harmony Direct

Perfect DC EV chargers for in-city, highways or heavy duty fleets

Transform your electric vehicle charging experience with these compact and versatile EV chargers

  • Range of power outputs from 60kW to 400KW and gun options
  • IEC 61851 Certified
  • A choice of charging outlets capable of delivering up to 1000 V, 400 A (300 A continuous) from a single charging gun
  • Built in safety and vehicle compatibility
  • Designed for effortless deployment and a simplified charging experience.
  • CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB/T, & 22 kW AC Type 2 outputs.
  • High DC output current over a wide voltage range for faster charging
  • Scalable charging power in 30kW or 40 kW increments.
  • Operable in temperatures up to 50 degrees without power derating.
  • Fully CE certified ensuring the highest standards.
  • Intuitive user experience and multiple authentication methods.
  • Dedicated energy meters for each output
  • Optional cable management
  • Optional payment terminal for seamless transactions
  • Customizable corporate branding
  • Very low stand-by power

Harmony Wall

Compact wall mount DC charger

Practical and easily-deployable charger suitable for all commercial and public EV charging locations.

  • 30 kW charger with 100A output
  • IEC 61851 Certified
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation and installation
  • Easily mountable on a wall or pedestal
  • CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB/T, & 22 kW AC Type 2 outputs
  • >95% energy efficiency
  • Intuitive user experience
  • OCPP 1.6J remote management
  • High DC current over wide voltage range for faster charging
  • 7” touchscreen user interface
  • Authentication methods: RFID, QR code, plug & charge, mobile app
  • IP54 rating water resistant
  • Customizable corporate branding
  • Very low stand-by power
  • Fully operable up to 55°C
  • Zero power derating.
  • Adjustable power output
  • Configurable to one or two guns

Exicom By The Numbers


EV charging provider in India & growing global challenger


Years of industry experience in power electronics


Cities serviced with our installation and maintenance


AC & DC Chargers deployed across India & Southeast Asia

Schedule your free consultation today and start your EV journey!