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Charge the world with X

XCharge is at the forefront of EV charging technology and is a leader in high-power and battery-integrated charging solutions. We are committed to powering the future energy demands of the world.


Net Zero Series

A world where fast charging is accessible everywhere




Maximum Output Power


Output Voltage

A completely new way to meet energy demands of tomorrow

The Net Zero Series is a battery-integrated DC Fast Charger equipped with up to 466kWh of storage capacity.

High Power Output with Less Input

Connect to the grid with as little as 60 amps to achieve charge rates over 210kW – power used can be tailored to the site’s specific needs.

Easy to Install

Single point of connection makes installation simple and seamless. Connection via industrial socket also available for quicker or temporary solutions.

Micro-grid Compatible

Directly compatible with solar and equipped with bidirectional capabilities to power your site or the grid.

Active Thermal Cooling

Lithium-ion battery packs are actively cold for enhanced performance and durability.

Peak Shaving

Maximize your operating revenue by taking advantage of peak shaving.

Properties with Limited Power

Fueling Stations

Transportation Hubs

National Parks

Commercial Centers



A reddot award winner, the C6EU is a standalone DC fast charger designed and built to be easy to own and intuitive to use with all types of vehicles


Maximum Output Power

reddot award

2016 winner


Output Voltage

Modern Design

With a 15-inch screen and a compact footprint, C6EU offers a cutting-edge design that’s easy to install.

Built to Last

The C6EU features a robust design built for use in harsh conditions.

Universally Compatible

The C6EU comes equipped with CCS connectors and offers optional CHAdeMO connectors.

Smart Load Management

The C6 can automatically adjust according to the vehicle’s requested charge rate, maximizing operating efficiency and charger utilization.

Flexible Options

The C6EU can be configured with POS or RFID reader.

Cooling System

Patented Z-shaped wind channel increases cooling efficiency allowing for best-in-class performance.

CPO / Utilities

Public Infrastructure

Bus Depots

Commercial Fleets

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