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Charging for Heavy Duty EVs

As the revolution towards clean energy disrupts the automobile industry, heavy duty EVs such as buses, trucks, tractors are increasingly turning green as they become electric. Operators have evaluated the environmental and cost benefits over the long run and are progressively shifting gears towards electric transport. Our DC Chargers are extremely reliable and are guaranteed to deliver every EV operator’s KPIs. Equipped with cloud connectivity, the chargers can be synced seamlessly with our software platform to provide real-time data on the status of each charger along the route. Our DC Chargers are available in a range of combinations that can adapt to the operator’s criteria of charging duration, route management and desired output per charging outlet.

Proven Performance, Trusted Results

4 Easy Steps to Charge Up Your EV Experience


Expert Consultation

Our EV experts tailor charging solutions to your driving habits, needs, and budget, ensuring the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Tailored Proposal

We outline recommended equipment, installation process, timeline, and transparent pricing in a clear, comprehensive proposal tailored to your needs.

Site Inspection

Our certified technicians visit your home or business to assess the site, identify potential challenges, and ensure a smooth and efficient installation.

Expert Installation

Our expert team installs your chosen charging solution, followed by thorough testing and training to ensure you can confidently and conveniently charge your EV.

Schedule your free consultation today and start your EV journey!