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Lease Finance

Our lease financing options provide numerous benefits to our clients, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective solution for their electric vehicle infrastructure needs. By choosing leasing, clients safeguard their liquidity, preserving capital and enhancing their credit ratings. This approach makes budgeting more reliable, with consistent leasing installments that facilitate easier planning for future costs and improved budget management.

Additionally, our leasing model enables clients to make larger investments by offering low installments instead of high upfront costs, allowing them to pay as they earn. This financial flexibility empowers clients to expand their electric vehicle infrastructure without straining their finances. Moreover, our Powertech Mobility trade-up option offers greater flexibility, providing clients with anytime access to cutting-edge technology, surpassing the limitations of traditional purchasing methods. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering decision preferences tailored to the client’s needs towards the end of the lease period, ensuring a customer-oriented approach throughout the leasing process.

Connect with an expert today to find out if your project qualifies for our Lease financing Program.