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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Solution

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Hosted on Microsoft Cloud, ELVIS is our Charge Point Management System that is integrated with a payment gateway and enables our clients to manage all EV assets across different locations through a centralized admin portal. It offers:

User Data Management

Asset Management

Energy consumption

Real time Status of Chargers

Sessions Billing Management

Cost Centre

Fault and Error Management

RFID management

Duration of charging sessions

Offered as a SaaS business model, it provides adequate data to a charge point operator and is available on a subscription format.

Web Portal Facility Management

Create a network of charging points across your locations

Mobile App End User

Share your network with your customers through the App

RFID Enabled

Users can pay for their charging session and interact otherwise with the equipment using the app which recognizes the built-in RFID in the machine.

Supports Global Standards

Support For OCPP Enabled Chargers

Support For Roaming

Support For Customized Chargers

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